How to Play:

Scroll down to get to know the rules of the game. The focus of the project is on the interactions between environment and different material/spatial configurations. How we harness the energy from the environment through geometry and with that geometry change the distribution of energy around it. Have a look at the components that were used to build the artifact: their geometry and how they can be connected. Learn more about how different shapes can impact the microclimate and how the environment will interact with materials used to assemble the artifact.



Wind is the primary source of energy to transform our geometry and the primary influencer of the thermal comfort on this site (relationship between the energy of environment and the energies of our bodies). We’re creating simple enclosures and modulating them over time to change the distribution of energies in the surrounding of the artifact and create thermally comfortable zones/ “pockets”.


“Plug and play” Grid

Wooden grid is made from CNC milled plywood and supports a network of sensors and actuators (robotic end-effectors) that are attached to it.

End-effectors measuring wind direction and speed of wind around the artifact.

Adaptive inserts are pneumatically changing shape in response to the wind speed and direction to modulate the flow of air through the artifact.


Relationships (how to put things together)

Our Method

This is just a short summary of our methods of data collection, simulation, and prediction. Visit our GitHub for more!